Designing meals to your convenience

Guests have a choice of ala carte meals or enjoying our lunch or dinner buffet, every weekday. For the quick business lunch, we serve Executive Lunches every Monday to Friday.

Chef's recommendation
  • Spicy
  • Rice

Jeera Pulao
Rice tossed with cumin seeds

Buttered Rice
Rice cooked in salted butter

Buttered Rice
Rice cooked with dried fruits

Biryani Rice
Basmathi rice cooked with butter and herbs

Plain Rice
Plain steamed basmathi fragranced rice

Vegetable Biryani
Fragrant rice cooked with vegetables

Rice lightly over cooked together with lentils

Palak Kichadi
Rice porridge cooked with spinach

Masala Rice
Rice cooked with spiced herbs

Curb Rice
Rice cooked with yoghurt and curry leaves

Lemon Rice
Rice cooked with lime and ground nuts

Veg Pulao
Rice cooked with fresh vegetables

Peas Pulao
Rice cooked with green peas

Chicken Biryani
Rice cooked with tender chicken and Indian herbs

Mutton Biryani
Rice cooked with tender mutton and Indian herbs

Fish Biryani
Rice cooked with tender fish and Indian herbs

Prawn Biryani
Rice cooked with tender prawns and Indian herbs

Hyderabadi Biryani
Rice cooked with mutton, mint leaves and coriander sauce

Seafood Biryani
Fish and prawns cooked together in basmati rice